Eyelid Hygiene Products

For dry eyes and inflammatory conditions of the eyelids, there are many eyelid hygiene products. Some stand out above the others in regard to their effectiveness. Here is a rundown of the eyelid hygiene products that Dr. Punja uses at Orbit Eye Centre in Calgary and the ones that he recommends that his patients use at home.

Home Lid Care Products

These are some of the best eyelid hygiene products for home use.

Bruder Mask

This is an excellent method for moist heat treatment as part of regular lid hygiene. It helps open oil glands and let your natural oils flow into the eye to keep tears from quickly evaporating and thus to reduce dryness.

Blephaclean and Blephagel

These products contain the same ingredients. Blephaclean comes as an antimicrobial hypo-allergenic pad and Blephagel is a gel. These products are free of preservatives. Use Blephaclean and Blephagel to assist in dissolving sebum, residue, and secretions from your eyelids. This product in either application method both cleanses and hydrates your eyelids and can be very effective as part of a regular home eyelid hygiene routine.


This product comes in both foam and individually packaged wipes. It not only does a great job cleaning your eyelids but also contains an ingredient (Tea Tree Oil) to rid your eyelids of the Demodex mite which may be a cause of your eyelid inflammation and redness.

These are the professional-grade artificial tears that Dr. Punja recommends for the best eye care and prevention of dry eye and conditions such as blepharitis.

Hylo Lubricating Eye Drops

These drops are ideal for dry eye relief. They are contact lens safe and can be used at any time of the day.

Hylo Dual Eye Drops

These drops are excellent for folks with dry eyes and allergies.

Hylo Gel Drops

To get soothing eye relief, use these longer-lasting drops for your dry eyes.

Ocunox Ointment

This is what Dr. Punja recommends for nighttime protection for dry eyes.

Hylo Fresh Eye Drops

If you prefer a less-sticky or viscous eye drop, this is an excellent choice.

Calmo Lid Care

Use this product as part of your daily eyelid hygiene.

Calmo Eye Spray

For those who find it challenging to put in their eye drops, this lipid suspension spray for dry eye relief is a good choice.


The expression “thinking outside the box” can be applied to eyelid care as well, although it should be phrased “thinking outside the eyelids.” Inflammation is the root cause of many eye and eyelid problems. And measures to reduce inflammation should be used along with professional eyelid cleaning and home care.

An excellent way to reduce the inflammation that can affect your eyes and eyelids is to take Omega-3. This is a fatty acid that is essential for a healthy human body. And, your body does not manufacture it. As such, you need to get this fatty acid in your diet or with supplements.

Scientific studies have shown that after taking Omega-3 supplements by mouth that it arrives in the Meibomian glands in the lids of the eyes where it can serve to reduce inflammation. The same studies have shown that taking Omega-3 helps improve dry eyes.

The Omega-3 supplement that Dr. Punja recommends is the PRN brand which provides tablets gels for excellent absorption and of the Omega-3 and delivery to the eyes where it will do its work.

If you have any questions about what eyelid hygiene products to use along with your eyelid treatments, Dr. Punja will be pleased to explain what will be best for your care.