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Vyzulta Study

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Consenting to being contacted does not require you to join the study. Signing the ‘consent to be contacted’ means that the this page will be sent to the Orbit Eye Centre. You will be contacted by that clinic for a visit there. At that visit, the study will be explained, and you will be given the option to join.


Use of Latanoprostene bunod eye drops*
18 years and older*


Prostaglandin analogue use in the past year*
Concomitant use of alpha-agonist or beta-blocker drops*
Known allergy to prostaglandin analogue*
Previous eyelid surgery*
Previous eyelid trauma*
Eye surgery or peribulbar/retrobulbar injection during study period*
Current contact lens use*
Orbital disease (including Thyroid orbitopathy)*
Axial myopia with an axial length >26.5mm*
Type of glaucoma*
IOP (pre-vyzulta)*
Eye being treated*
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