Introducing Dr. Ammar Khan: Renowned Ophthalmologist Joins Orbit Eye Centre

Dr. Khan Has Joined Orbit Eye Centre, Calgary, a Highly Competent ophthalmologist.

A Brief Introduction About Dr. Ammar Khan

Introducing Dr. Ammar Khan: Renowned Ophthalmologist Joins Orbit Eye Centre

Dr. Ammar Khan is a highly skilled eye surgeon and physician specializing in treating glaucoma. Born in Calgary, he completed his bachelor’s degree in biomedical physiology and kinesiology before starting his medical journey. Driven by his passion for serving his community, he returned to his hometown to pursue medical school and a rigorous five-year residency in ophthalmology at the esteemed University of Calgary.

Dr. Khan decided to pursue additional training in glaucoma management to enhance his knowledge and skills further. He completed a one-year fellowship in this subspecialty at the University of Calgary. His dedication and commitment led him to achieve diplomate status with the American Board of Ophthalmology and dual board certification in Canada and the United States.

Dr. Khan has contributed significantly to the field of ophthalmology through his research and publications. His studies on diverse topics, from glaucoma to cataract surgery, have been featured in prestigious academic journals. Recognized for his expertise, he has been invited to speak at national and international conferences, sharing his findings and insights with fellow professionals.

At the annual meeting of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, he also presided over surgical teaching simulators. He participated extensively in the surgical training of medical students and ophthalmology residents during his residency and fellowship and through monthly didactic lectures and teaching rounds.

Dr. Khan is a valued member of numerous esteemed professional organizations, including the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, the Canadian Medical Association, the Alberta Medical Association, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, the American Board of Ophthalmology, and the Eye Physicians & Surgeons Association of Alberta.

Dr. Khan is one of the five glaucoma subspecialists serving Southern Alberta. As one of the leading ophthalmologists in Calgary, he is now accepting referrals for glaucoma and general ophthalmology cases. Driven by his commitment to his birthplace, he eagerly looks forward to providing exceptional care to patients in Calgary and positively impacting their eye health.

Dr. Ammar Khan Serving Calgary at Orbit Eye Centre

Dr. Ammar Khan has recently joined Orbit Eye Centre, where he is dedicated to serving the community of Calgary. Dr. Khan brings his expertise and passion for eye care to Orbit Eye Centre as a highly skilled ophthalmologist. He is committed to providing exceptional services and ensuring the eye health of the people of Calgary. We have also sent a press release through EIN Presswire to announce the exciting news about the joining of Dr. Khan.

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